Pre-Alpha Demo

Gaming, with a side of salt!

Welcome to the Frikin the Laser Shark pre-alpha demo. Here’s a little information about our demo.

You play as Frikin, a shark with a laser strapped to him. The game is what we lovingly call a bullet “heck”; Part platformer, Part bullet hell.

The demo content consists of a tutorial, most of 2 worlds and a boss rush mode. This is just a taste of what the game will consist of.

There are a few known bugs that we have, 1 known crash and 1 freeze that we have been researching to find the cause. They are very uncommon and have happened to only one person on the team. The crash can happen in world 1s boss and the freeze has only happened in one spot in world 2.

If any issues are encountered please feel free to contact us and we will respond and address the issues as soon as we can.

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