ECGC: Day 1

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ECGC: Day 1

April 17, 2019 ECGC 1

The first day of ECGC has come to a close and we are extremely happy with our turnout.  We met a ton of folks who came to play our game and give us feedback and grabbed some swag.  Out of the people who played our game only a handful were able to defeat both bosses and from our standpoint, it was fun watching people have fun with our game.  We were able to gather a ton of feedback and we plan on taking all feedback back with us tonight and fix up what we can to have a better build tomorrow.  There are a few larger bug players encountered and we will have to spend more time ironing those out, but its good to have all the feedback we can.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth to play our game or just to chat with us. We hope to see more folks tomorrow!

We were also able to catch one of the sessions at the conference, Going off on Your Own: The Joys and Perils of Indie Game Development presented by Luna Wolf Studios Jeremy Bregermann and Co-Founder of Risen Pheonix Studios Sean Weiland.  Their discussion of their experience as Indie Game Developers gave us newbies a glimpse into what we are in for in the Indie gaming space.  Their discussion about how important it is to get our company name known by going to shows, giving out builds and ultimately having a product to show off to potential clients or players about what we can do.  It was a great session filled with great information and tons of humor.  We plan on using their knowledge and their experiences to help guide our new studio as it grows and develops.  Thank you both for putting on a great session!

After the conference, the team headed off to the after party for some more networking and some beverages.  We played some giant jenga and meet a team of students who were showing off their final projects for school.  Since our team is full of recent graduates, we had some long discussions about schooling and the differences between their school, Shawnee State University and Full Sail, where most of our team graduated from.  It was fun to talk to students about to graduate and pass on our collective knowledge to help the next group of graduates.  We grabbed a few cards from them and we hope to be in touch.

Day 1 was a great success for us.  We met tons of people and got a lot of direct feedback.  The team is excited to head back into day 2 with a slightly updated build ready to meet more people and spread the word of Salty Duck Studios.  Stand by!


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  1. Jane Lindsey says:

    I am impressed by the professional look” of your booth and game display! Very professional!

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