ECGC: Day 3 “Final Day”

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ECGC: Day 3 “Final Day”

April 18, 2019 ECGC 3

The ducks are heading back to our own ponds and we are heading home with happy thoughts, pages of feedback, and heads full of ideas.  The experience we had at ECGC was a great one and we are thrilled to be apart of it all.  Since this was our first show we didn’t know what to expect.  Our hope was to get some folks around and they would simply play-test our game and give us some feedback.  What we got was play-testers for sure but we got long discussions about platforms, coding, design, art and everything else involved with our game and games in general!  Now we have work to do, actually more work because we still had work to do but you know how it is.  All the feedback we got, we are taking those notes back to our team, explaining all the good information we got but maybe didn’t write down, and implement those ideas.  The team is excited to get back to work and bring the new information to full fruition.

Who mommy shark (doo doo doo doo doo doo) did we see some sessions today.  There were three sessions we went to and we got a lot of information, good information.  The first session we saw was a law discussion from Brandon Huffman, attorney and founder of Odin Law and Media. His discussion got us to think us a a company, I mean we are a LLC but we haven’t thought of ourselves as a company yet.  His biggest point was READ YOUR CONTRACTS!  This is going to make things easier for us to get contracts, talk to publishers, and any other deals we want or hope to get.  Which you’d think that would be a “no duh” but we really hadn’t thought about doing contracts or even talking to publishers.  So his warnings lead us to think of new avenues of revenue.  Say that 5 times fast, its tricky isn’t it?  He also brought up copyright and trademarking our products or image.  That’s a major thing we never thought of.  It is something we plan on looking into as soon as we get home to our own ponds.  The second session was about innovation by Kenneth Hubbell from Wells Fargo.  He got us to think about our innovation process and having a written down plan on how we plan on innovating on our ideas.  The biggest thing is we need to have something we can measure to have conclusive evidence that our new plan is actually better than the previous one.  If we can’t measure anything, than we really can’t tell if its actually better and we made a zero productive component.  The final session we stopped in to see was about rapid prototyping by Jere Miles, an instructor at Wilkes Community College.  This session was good for a couple of main points.  He showed us some new tools we weren’t aware of and he talked about making levels quickly while not spending too much time on them.  We don’t need to make the “final” level right away, we just need to make something to get the overall feel or ideas across to everyone involved.  We already had some practices for doing this but it was good to hear it from someone much further in game development than ourselves.  All the sessions we attended were fantastic ran by fantastic folks and we are pumped to learn from their knowledge to help us and our projects grow.

We want to thank everyone who came out to ECGC and to everyone who stopped by the booth and play-tested our game.  We can’t say thank you enough and we want to thank everyone for their feedback.  That means so much to these young ducklings and keeps our dream alive to become a full fledged independent studio.  Thank you again for everyone who stopped by!

Frikin thanks from
Salty Duck Studios!


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