ECGC: Day 2

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ECGC: Day 2

April 17, 2019 ECGC 0

The second day has come and gone and the team is thankful for everyone who stopped by to play our game.  We have so much fun watching people play our game and give us feedback.  The team has been thrilled with the turnout.  Today, we got to know our neighbors a lot better and started to trade ideas and feedback for our games.  Catch & Release‘s third game in their library, Rolling Hills, is a sushi “roll” playing game about opening your own sushi restaurant in the friendly little village of Rolling Hills.  This game looks great and after talking to James and Mathew, the technical and creative director respectively, they are planning on have so much content and we are excited to see this game come to its full fruition.  We didn’t only stand by our booth and talk to our neighbors though, we could have, but we have all day tomorrow to chat.  The team walked laps around the conference and networked with most of the folks we didn’t get to yesterday.  We have a very short list of booth’s we haven’t stopped by yet, but we plan on getting to every booth and see everything we can.

The team was only able to attend one session today but it was a whopper.  The session was Game Audio 101 hosted by David Yingling from Insominac.  He had a great discussion about bringing sound effects and music into our game using different tools that are available.  These are the things the team has started to look into but we don’t have much, if any, background in audio or even music or that matter.  He showed us the different ways we can create our own audio and sound effects without purchasing anything.  There are tons of libraries out there we can purchase but being on a small budget of indie, half a shoestring is technically a budget, we’re very interested in creating our own audio as much as possible.  Making our own sounds using a Foley Effects, reproducing everyday sound effects that are added to media in post-production, will be a strategy we plan on attempting in some shape or form and hopefully something will come from it.  We’re going to have to record ourselves because the process is very entertaining and having fun is a cornerstone for us.

We are excited to return for the final day of the conference.  There are many more sessions we want to attend and we plan on absorbing as much as we can from the speakers.  We came to the conference to network with other like minded individuals, meet some cool people, and absorb as much as we can from people who have been doing this for MUCH longer than we have.  The team is Frikin passionate about our project and we enjoy talking to other people passionate about their projects!  Stand by!


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