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East Coast Game Conference

April 16, 2019 ECGC 0

Today marks the first day of ECGC and the first event we are going to as Salty Duck Studios.  Its easy to see we are ecstatic to attend the event as exhibitors. Each of us have gone to game events before but never as an exhibitor so this is a completely new experience for us.  We’ve brought a demo of our first game Frikin the Laser Shark for folks to play at our booth, Booth 217.  The team has worked hard to get the game in the shape that its in and we are proud of the work we have done.  Be sure to grab a business card and maybe an extra little surprise.  Who knows what today will bring but we are excited to meet as many people as possible and show off the first game of Salty Duck Studios, Frikin the Laser Shark.  Stand by!


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