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Frikin the Laser Shark Pre-Alpha Demo!


Frikin The Laser Shark!

Our first title is Frikin the Laser Shark, an underwater bullet hell shooter.  We have been working on this game since May 2018 and have made great progress to make our first publicly released game awesome. We hope you stick around to see the final product. It shaping out to be something Frikin cool!

Challenging Bosses!

One of our first bosses you will face is the Octoboss.  This dreaded creature has enough limbs to hold all sorts of guns capable of doing some damage to Frikin.  Don’t mess up his beard, it’s his “thing” so he’s pretty sensative about it not being as cool as Frakin’s mustache.


The Salty Ducks!

We started at Full Sail University where we were persuing our Game Design degrees. In the final months of our Bachelor’s degree program, we decided to work together for our capstone Game Design project. We started to design on our capstone, which was Frikin the Laser Shark. After we graduated, we wanted to take our game and make it better and develop it into a fully realized game. We decided to start our own studio to publish our games while honing our skills in game development. We want to make fun games and have some fun making them with good friends.

Multiple Weapons! 

You will collect multiple weapons throughout the journey.  Each weapon is more different than the last.  The weapons will be collected after you defeat the boss of that world.  They’re not just gonna fall out of the sky and fall right into your lap.  If they did, I think you’d want to wear a helmet.  You should probably wear one anyway, just to be safe.

Collect Hearts!

There are hidden boxes throughout the levels that contain a heart piece. If you collect 4 you will be rewarded with your very own additional heart container. Finding all those hearts will be necessary to complete the game because the difficulty really ramps up later and you need all the health you can get.

Mini Boss Madness!

Halfway through each world you will encounter a mini boss.  These “little” guys will give you a “mini” challange and hopefully get you “ready” for whats next to come.  Mini is such a small word for these battles but, they will do their worst to stop your progress. Good luck!

The Ducklings!

These good little ducklings are the folks who want to make the games we want to make the way we want to make them.  Being young ducklings, we are focused on learning all we can about the game design process and we strive to create some fun games.  We made our way from different backgrounds but, we formed this nice little flock heading down our own bread littered road.


Lead Artist
Character Artist
Concept Art


Game Designer
Level Designer


Game Designer

Level Designer


Game Designer
Level Designer


Lead Programmer
System Designer
Game Designer


System Designer
Game Designer


Game Designer

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